CBS Interactive Wallet Terms of Use

Effective Date:  September 24, 2014
Updated Date:  September 25, 2017

The CBS Interactive Wallet (the “Wallet”) is a virtual, electronic “wallet” that is made available to you by CBS Interactive (“CBSi”) as a component of your personalized, eligible CBSi account (i.e., or Please review these CBSi Wallet Terms of Use (“Wallet Terms”) carefully before using the Wallet. By using the Wallet, you accept and acknowledge that the Wallet is hosted in the United States and that your use of the Wallet is subject to: (i) these Wallet Terms; (ii) the CBSi Terms of Use; (iii) the CBSi Privacy Policy; (iv) any other disclosures, rules and/or policies posted by CBSi on and/or and/or any other related CBSi web site and/or property; and (v) the laws of the State of California.

These Wallet Terms are first effective as of the Effective Date set forth above and shall remain in full force and effect as updated from time to time for the period CBSi makes the Wallet available to you. CBSi may update, change, delete, add, modify and/or revise (individually, or collectively, the “Updates”) these Wallet Terms from time to time, so we encourage you to review the Wallet Terms periodically. The most current version of the Wallet Terms will be linked to the Wallet, and the Wallet Terms as Updated from the Effective Date are effective as of the Updated Date stated on the Wallet Terms. By continuing to use the Wallet after CBSi publishes an Update, you agree to all of the Wallet Terms as updated by the Update.

General Description

The Wallet will display consolidated histories ( or from September 24, 2014 and afterwards of your participation in all premium fantasy sports games and other games and contests provided by CBSi that award cash prizes that are eligible for inclusion in the Wallet (individually a “Prize Game” and collectively “Prize Games”) and your cash prize winnings from Prize Games that are eligible for inclusion in the Wallet (“Winnings”).

Winnings from a Prize Game will initially appear in your Wallet as pending after conclusion of the applicable Prize Game play (“Pending Cash Winnings”). Pending Cash Winnings are not your property and remain the property of CBSi. In order to convert your Pending Cash Winnings to Winnings that are available to you for application or distribution as discussed below (“Available Winnings”), you must successfully complete an affidavit of eligibility (“Affidavit of Eligibility”) form and such Affidavit of Eligibility must be accepted and approved by CBSi.

Your Wallet will also display the aggregate amount of cash that is available to you for distribution (“Available Cash”).1 Available Cash is made up of the following two components:

You may request a distribution to you of some or all of your Available Cash. When you request a distribution of Available Case we will: (i) first use Available Winnings, if any, in your available Cash; and (ii) then use Cash Value, if any, based on a “first in, first out” methodology.

Wallet Eligibility

In order to be eligible for a Wallet, you must be (i) a registered user of an eligible CBSi account (i.e., or; (ii) at least the greater of (a) eighteen (18) years of age or (b) the age of majority in your state of residence at the date of establishing the Wallet; and (iii) a resident of the fifty (50) United States or the District of Colombia. If you meet these eligibility requirements and provide any and all other information required by CBSi, a Wallet will be established for you the first time that you sign up for a Prize Game on or after September 24, 2014. Subject again to these eligibility requirements, you may also be permitted to sign up for the Wallet separate from the Prize Game related process on certain Wallet pages available on and/or or other domain(s) as determined by CBSi.

Wallet Access

You must be authenticated through your CBSi account sign-in process in order to access your Wallet. If you request a distribution of Available Cash to you, you will be required to re-authenticate using your CBSi account sign in credentials during this request process. You should not disclose your authentication credentials to any other person, and CBSi is not responsible for any loss of Available Cash or other damages if you disclose or allow another person to use your credentials.

Conversion of Pending Cash Winnings to Available Winnings

Before Pending Cash Winnings become Available Winnings included in Available Cash and available to you for distribution to you, you must complete and submit an Affidavit of Eligibility (or Confirmation of Affidavit as discussed below) and your Affidavit of Eligibility (or Confirmation of Affidavit) must be accepted and approved by CBSi. Affidavits of Eligibility and Confirmations of Affidavit forms are completed and submitted online. Please note that each Affidavit of Eligibility includes a substitute IRS Form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and Certification and upon submission, must include proof of residency, such as an unexpired driver license.

Each Affidavit of Eligibility that is completed, submitted, accepted and approved will remain in effect for 365 days (366 days if the period covers a leap year) from the date of approval (an “Effective Period”). However, if at any time during an Effective Period you change your personal information (new address, etc.) within your CBSi account, you must complete and submit a new Affidavit of Eligibility that must be accepted and approved by CBSi before any Pending Cash Winnings (including Pending Cash Winnings already in process) may become Available Winnings. The Effective Period of any such Affidavit of Eligibility will likewise begin on its date of approval.

In order to convert Pending Cash Winnings with respect to each Prize Game to Available Winnings:

Access to Affidavits of Eligibility and Confirmations of Affidavit forms are available from within the Wallet, as well as via certain direct links included in on-site notifications and emails.

Until your Affidavit of Eligibility or Confirmation of Affidavit as applicable have been accepted and approved by CBSi with respect to the related Winnings, they will remain in Pending Winnings status. Once your Affidavit of Eligibility or Confirmation of Affidavit as applicable have been accepted and approved by CBSi with respect to the related Pending Winnings, they will be converted to Available Winnings.

Please keep in mind that, under Prize Game rules, you must complete and submit an Affidavit of Eligibility or Confirmation of Affidavit as applicable in accordance with the Prize Game rules, or your Pending Winnings will be forfeited.

Available Winnings will remain in the Wallet as Available Winnings unless you violate Prize Game official rules, Wallet Terms or other applicable terms. In the event of a violation, any Available Winnings may be removed from your Wallet and re-distributed as Pending Winnings to the appropriate alternate winner or retained by CBSi as applicable.

Distribution of Available Cash

Subject to the rules discussed above regarding the order in which Available Cash is applied and distributed, you must obtain a distribution of each item of Available Cash within three (3) years of the date the item of Available Cash was added to the Wallet. If you do not take either of these actions within this time period, CBSi reserves the right to attempt to return the item of Available Cash to by check and, if CBSi is unable to do so, the item will be transferred to the appropriate state pursuant to applicable unclaimed property laws.

Distributions of Available Cash are initiated by a distribution request form provided in the Wallet or in the case of Cash Value via a request to customer support. Available Winnings will be distributed to you by check, and any remaining Cash Value included in Available Cash will be distributed by a refund to the payment card used to purchase the Cash Value or, if the original payment card is no longer on file with CBSi, then to the current payment card on file.

Maintenance of Available Cash

Available Cash does not accrue interest or other earnings. Available Cash will only be available from within your Wallet on your CBSi account. No plastic card or other device will be issued to be used as evidence of or to access the Wallet or Available Cash. Available Cash may not be transferred to any other CBSi account. CBSi is not a bank, the Wallet is not a deposit account or other bank product, and Available Cash is not held prior to distribution by CBSi in a deposit account and is not federally insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or otherwise.

Wallet Availability

CBSi reserves the right to discontinue offering the Wallet generally or to you at any time in its discretion. If at any time you are not in compliance with the Wallet Terms, including without limitation if you are no longer a registered user of a CBSi account, you will no longer be eligible to maintain your Wallet. In the event that the Wallet is no longer available to you, you may without access to the Wallet process any Pending Winnings remaining in the Wallet per the terms of the official rules of the applicable CBSi Products and CBSi will distribute any Available Cash remaining in your Wallet to you by check.


1 Please note that, effective as of May 19, 2017, Available Cash may no longer be applied to pay entry fees and/or charges for Prize Games and/or other products and/or services offered by CBSi ("CBSi Products"). All refunds on CBSi Products that may have been purchased using Available Cash prior to May 19 will be provided in the form of returns to the Wallet as Available Cash.