How can I test my app?

Once you have created an app, you can test it by creating test leagues either on the "Development Center" home page or the specific "App Details" page. To create a test league, simply select the sport (i.e. Baseball) and scoring type (i.e. Head-to-Head). You will also need to select a win determination method (ex. Points) for Baseball Head-to-Head Leagues. This will create a league using the parameters you just selected. If you have created an app and supplied us with an iframe URL, your app will be shown in the area you selected in the "Placement" setting. If you have chosen "Standings" as your placement, your iframe will appear on the "Standings" page of your test league(s). If you have uploaded an icon for your app, you can click on the icon or the app name to load the iframe.

Test leagues also come with some Tools on the Development Center home page. The "Populate Roster" tool runs a quick draft to set your league up with complete rosters and draft information. The "Date Bump" tool allows you to set the league for later dates and times in the season in order to replicate the site's behavior. Since most development will be done in pre-season, this functionality will allow you to view the site in-season or at the start of a new period. Simply click the "Date Bump" button and select the date and time desired to set your league. You can then run the "Rebuild Standings" functionality to update your test league's standings and player stats.

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