Can I have multiple video players running simultaneously on my computer?

In addition to meeting the minimum system requirements, running multiple video players is possible but varies from computer to computer. It would require a fast internet connection with a computer that had a fast processor and a large amount of available RAM.

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If you're having trouble watching Showtime programming there are a couple of things you can check that might help. If you're watching Showtime on a web browser on your computer: 1. Check your bandwidth. For the best experience we recommend a downstream bandwidth of 3000 Kbps or higher. 2. Check that no other bandwidth or memory intensive applications are running. If you have other browsers or browser tabs open, try closing them and see if that improves performance. 3. Check that any antivirus software or firewalls are not blocking content playback. 4. Try restarting the browser, and if that doesn't help try restrating the computer.
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